Up to 27% return on investment

More than 15 professional traders manage the company’s automated trading systems, and continuously adapt them to the current market conditions & situations. With the annual license, every customer receives access to this exclusive trading software, which yields profits fully automatically.

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Recommend us, and participate in our extremely lucrative affiliate program.

Safe payment methods

Hardly any wishes will remain open. Numerous payment providers including credit card payments with VISA and MasterCard. It goes without saying that Evo Binary meets all requirements to ensure direct connections to the banks. The payment methods include VISA, MasterCard, Bank Transfer, Skrill, ePayments, Neteller, Bitcoin and ADV cash.

Rights & obligations

In order to fulfill all requirements, regulations, in the EU and worldwide, Evo Binary employs an external consulting company. Audits are carried out on regular intervals. All licenses, processes, payment procedures, profit distributions and commission statements, accounts are constantly checked for legality

Trading on the Forex markets

are handled by brokers

Security, simplicity and profitability


The market Trading is handled by brokers who provide their online platforms for usage to traders

all over the world. You can act both personally and use automated trading systems


  • Up to 27% monthly, for 365 days
  • Registered company in Dubai
  • Licensed company
  • Transparent Management
  • Monthly profit distributions
  • Payable at any time
  • Free registration
  • Lucrative marketing plan
  • Safe payment methods
  • No sponsorship required
  • Own innovative app

Evo Binary is a Dubai based, and certified, software company that specializes in making investment decisions on the Forex market (Forex). These trading positions are made through special computer programs, the so-called Robots (Expert Advisors). Evo Binary has emerged as a result of several technological companies who are active in the financial market. Thus is now bundling their know-how for its own benefits. The basic idea of the business is that a computer program can simultaneously record a variety of information at the same time, and analyze and implement it completely without emotions. The company has developed an automated trading system, which not only earns the company money, but also all customers a profit or return of investment at a level of up to 27% per month.

The most innovative and profitable AFFILIATE SYSTEM that the market has ever seen!

Evo Binary has created the most innovative and profitable affiliate and compensation plans that the market has ever seen. The program allows you to earn money and increase your revenue by recommending software plans to others. With Evo Binary’s affiliate program you can earn in two different ways. On the one hand, the monthly income of your capital (return of investment) using our know-how,. On the other hand, by earning profit as a result of other partners who purchase our plans.


your profits


Direct referral – Bonus

Binary Bonus

Residual bonus

Career Plan

The plans and profitability

You can purchase various software licenses. The initial profit expectation of the computer-based buying and selling decisions is up to 27%. Anyone wishing to benefit from the trading activities of Evo Binary should purchase at least a 500 Euro license plan. However, the customer does not have to become personally active, but relies on the experience of Evo Binary. 2/3 of initial the invested sum is used to 100% for trading in the Forex market. The other 1/3 flow into the distribution and the marketing of the Company. You can purchase as many plans as you want.

*Simulation values with yields of 27%

Direct Referral - Bonus

Do good things and talk about it!

You will receive a bonus for each new customer you refer. This bonus is based on the amount of the plan that your partner has purchased. This commission is always paid imediately after the purchase. It is made available to you when a direct partner buys or purchases or repurchases a plan.

Binary Bonus

The binary bonus is especially interesting for the partners, who actively participate in sales, and are able to build teams.

Residual Bonus

The Residual bonus allows you to participate down to the 8th level, depending on the plan you have purchased.

Career Plan

The career plan is an incentive for special performance. Depending on the total volume in your weaker of the two legs, you will receive „on top“ non-cash premiums.

One Star

2.000 points

2 Star

8.000 points

3 Star

20.000 points

4 Star

60.000 points

5 Star

300.000 points

6 Star

1.000.000 points

7 Star

2.500.000 points

“Living in The Past is not how you conquer The Future – EVO BINARY is The Future.
„UP TO 27% RETURN ON INVESTMENT“  Monthly !!!!
I get goose bumps, when I think about it, and try to realise everything that is possible with EVO BINARY. I get dizzy when I think about everything I can, and will accomplish with a solid plan – goal, and don’t deviate from it. I am so glad to be part of the best EVO BINARY team. Professional support is guaranteed at all times. We would be delighted to welcome you to our international team. We are always at your disposal for any questions, by e-mail, telephone or Skype.

Ian D. Wood

Manager - German Para Ice Hockey National Team

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